finding motivation by setting goals

Finding motivation by setting goals

by Caroline Bowmer, posted 08 Mar 2021

Like many parents I am breathing a sigh of relief that my child is returning to school this week, but like many I am concerned about the impact this past year has had on her social and academic confidence. And getting back into good routines will be challenging, no doubt!

As we know, all children are individuals and will have different concerns and issues to cope with depending on their age, independence and how close they are to GCSE and A Level exams and assessments. For learners in Years 10 to 13 this is a tricky time and finding ways to stay motivated and focused is the big priority.

Teenagers who feel like they’ve had the rug pulled from underneath them may be wondering if it’s worth the effort when their future feels uncertain. And getting back on track may feel like a mountain to climb. As the saying goes “the longest journey starts with the first step” and research shows that one technique that can really help with motivation is setting realistic goals. If this is an issue for your child this technique could help:

Writing SMART goals using GCSE Biology as an example

Specific - GCSE Biology

Measurable - Level 7

Achievable - is this attainable in the time I have left?

Relevant - is this goal the best use of my time or would I rather do better in another subject?

Timed - how much time do I have to achieve this goal?

Some extra help from a tutor can really help too. As qualified teachers our tutors will show your child how to set goals and achieve them by chunking their knowledge into manageable and memorable topics in each lesson. In turn, this will help your child to self-manage their study time and learn excellent exam and assessment techniques. Our focused tuition and personalised feedback will help to re-energise your child’s education and give them lifelong skills to cope with whatever lies ahead.

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